Artikel fra, skrevet af Elita Vellekoop publiceret den 10. Maj 2017 (link: Oversat af Niels Findstrup Wolmar “Compared to last year, the demand for our plants and Mother’s Day concepts is about 20% higher. The countries we export to seem to be out of the crisis. Consumers are positive and are buying again.”, says Olga Lundager.
New Anthurium varieties In cooperation with several breeders, they developed a new mini Anthurium and introduced it in 2016. “In Europe, we now have the exclusive rights to produce these plant in pot sizes 6 and 7 cm,” says Lundager. Later that year, they added four new colors in pot size of 6 cm and these seem to be well in demand for Mother’s Day too. Mother’s Day products Green plants seem to be hot items this Mother’s Day. “We sell a lot of green plants for compositions and our new Mother’s Day concepts – green plants or succulents in heart-shaped magnet pots – are doing well too.” LUNDAGER LUNDAGER producerer omkring 250 forskellige varianter af grønne, blomstrende planter i potter af 6cm, omkring 50 varianter af grønne planter i potter af 12cm, samt over 200 added value produkter i magnetiske potter. Over 80% af produktionen bliver solgt til eksportmarkeder i Europa og 3. verdenslande. For mere information LUNDAGER Olga Lundager Email: