Lundager expands handmade ceramics line with vases ‘Everybody is looking for something new”

Olga Lundager at the IPM Essen showcasing the handmade new ceramics for the first time.

“Everybody wants something new”, says Olga Lundager of Lundager.
At the IPM Essen that took place last January in Germany, this Danish
grower showcased their new handmade ceramics, and the demand
has increased rapidly, already surpassing the supply. And after
receiving requests from their customers, they will extend the line with
vases later this year, so that they can offer the entire package to
create an interior showpiece.

Looking for something new
Lundager used to purchase their pots from Danish or Dutch
companies who imported them from China, but when they could not
find products that caught their attention, they started to look further
and overseas. “We met people from China and they invited us to
check out their facility in China. It is a family business for generations
and can make unique stoneware pots with special techniques to
create the different and unique color patterns which cannot be copied
by other companies.” Lundager was very excited to see it and they
started a cooperation soon after. They now have the exclusive right to
sell the pots of this Chinese manufacturer in Europe.

According to Lundager, the pots are not only unique because they are
handmade, they are also unique because they are designed by Olga
Lundager and her son Oliver Lundager. “As they are handmade, you
will never find two of the same pots, and as we make the design, you
will never find a
with a similar design.” On top of that, they are
always looking for new products in their plant assortment as well.
“Currently, our assortment consists of around 500 different green,
flowering and succulent plants in 6 cm, 10 cm and 12 cm pots. Our
suppliers often bring us new varieties to test and if we think they are
commercially interesting, we will start producing and selling them. So,
our wide variety of pots and plants not only enables us to stand out, it
does the same for our customers.”

“Everyone wants something new”
Lundager supplies their products to retail stores and garden centers
all over Europe and is noticing high demand for their new ceramics. At
the moment, the demand iS so high, they cannot meet it. “Right after
we introduced the pots at the IPM Essen, we received so many orders
from clients out of countries from all over Europe. Everyone wants
something new.”

Expansion with vases
Lundager is very pleased with the reactions they got on their new pots
and they are already working on extending their line with vases. “We
received a lot of requests from our clients to add different products to
create a showpiece with 4 to 5 products.” For this reason, they started
to work on it and at the FloraHolland TradeFair in Aalsmeer, the
Netherlands, they will introduce these vases to their clients.